Business Consultant Ecommerce

Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
60.000  -  85.000

Customer is king. We all know it. Especially nowadays, in the age of the internet. Your wildest dreams are just a click away with the ‘add to shopping cart’ button. All we really need now is for it all to work smoothly, reliably, consistently and at scale. Sounds easy? Great, then you’re the person we’re looking for.

Tell me more…

With the global rise of E-commerce and a whole host of new media platforms that can be used to sell products, buying a product has never been so complex. Back in the days you would simply go to a store, grab a product, drop some money on the counter and that was that. Nowadays, there are more stores than you can count, selling more products than you can imagine, and offering more payment options than you can fathom. Selling a product is infinitely more complex than it used to be.

Fortunately, there’s one company working to make buying stuff, easy again. By combining one of the world’s leading marketing agencies with one of the world’s leading digital agencies, it has become the one-stop-shop for all things e-commerce. From developing marketing campaigns and analyzing customer data, to building a completely new E-commerce platform – they do it all.

Great, so what do they need from me?

They need your help to build the future of online retail. You’ll work closely together with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Engineers, Customer Experience specialists, developers, and an Architect. Your goal? To help some of the world’s biggest brands move and improve their business online.

We know it sounds a little abstract but that’s because the role is so diverse. From helping a major sneaker brand completely redesign their E-commerce platform to service millions of customers, to building the advanced analytics environment where all the customer data is analyzed.

Sounds cool but what can I bring?

It almost goes without saying that a few years of experience in product information management, data governance, and data processes, will come in handy. As will experience in integration projects with complex business lines, intricate product structures, and different locales and languages. Beyond that, it’s all up to you. Of course, it might be nice
if you also possess knowledge regarding PIM solutions like Salsify and Riversand. But ultimately, it’ll be your communicative and persuasive skills that make all the difference.

Awesome, that’s me! But do I also get paid?

Of course, you do. You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your hard work. Starting with a base salary up to €6000 gross a month and excellent secondary benefits. So what are you waiting for? Click Apply now!

Product Owner

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  65.000

Digital Marketeer

Venlo, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
55.000  -  58.000

Lead Customer Acquisition Freelance

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Freelance / Interim / Contractor
80  -  90
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