Terms, what are your conditions?

Finding the best candidate is often an intense and costly process. After all, it’s not easy. Which is why it’s extra important to have clarity about the terms and conditions, right from the start. Only then, can we truly become successful together.

Depending on your wishes we offer the following recruitment options:

1. X=1
X=1 is a subscription. You pay a monthly fee of 1% of the gross annual salary with the guarantee that we will fill the position for you. Cool right? We think so too. Should the candidate leave the company for whatever reason, we will find a replacement free of charge. Benefits:

  • No start-up costs or high retainer fee upfront
  • A contract for a duration of 36 months
  • Spread payments instead of a one-off high fee
  • Commitment, from both sides
  • A guarantee that we will fill the position, and keep it filled

2. Retainer fee
Similar to X=1, the retainer model is based on exclusivity. We make a commitment to each other. This means that we guarantee to fill the position for you. You will pay a part of the fee right away, at the start of our collaboration. This serves to strengthen the commitment. The rest of the fee is only due when we have successfully filled the position. The hight of the retainer fee is lower than the fee based on “We cure, you pay”. Benefits:

  • Commitment, from both sides
  • A guarantee that we will fill the position

3. We cure, you pay
An agreement based on ‘We cure, you pay’ is less binding. You can pick this option if you’re already working with a number of different agencies for example, but it does not enforce a commitment. Of course, the goal of Search X Recruitment will always be to ensure quality and deliver the highest level of service. It’s just that we’re a little more committed to our exclusive partners.

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