Recruitment Subscription: X=1

Do you want to be absolutely sure that a vacancy gets filled? Would you rather pay a small monthly subscription instead of a high one-off fee? Then we have just the thing for you, X=1.

It happens far too often. You invest a lot of time and effort in working with a recruitment agency but your position doesn’t get filled. And when it does happen, you’ll pay a very high one-off fee. At which point, there is no guarantee that your new employee will still be working for you in two years’ time. That’s quite a risk to take, especially when cash flow is a bit of a struggle. That’s why we offer X=1.

Instead of a high one-off fee, with X=1 you’ll pay a monthly fee of just 1% of the gross annual salary. That way, you spread the costs. And not just that, you’ll also make sure that for a period of 3 years, all recruitment-activities for that position are covered with the guarantee that the position won’t just be filled but also stay filled. Should your new employee decide to leave within that time, we’ll find a replacement for you at no extra costs. That way, we carry the risk that you may have to replace that hard-to-find talent in a few years. The subscription automatically ends after a period of 3 years.


  • No start-up costs or high one-off fee’s
  • Guarantee the position will be filled for at least 36 months from the start of the contract
  • Spread payments instead of a one-off high fee
  • Commitment, from both sides
  • Guarantee the position will be filled, and stay filled

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