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The Oil and Gas Industry is what keeps the engine of our economy running. At least, that’s what we used to believe. Through declining oil prices, climate change, and the COVID-crisis that now looks to be changing. It will, however, take a while before we can completely abandon fossil fuels. So for the time being, it’s a matter of being clever. Very clever.

Even the largest Oil giants are starting to see their industry has a best-before-date. Something that can only be postponed by using cleaner technologies and reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses. That’s why big players like Shell, BP, and Total are investing heavily in waste-reducing production methods and alternative energy sources. It should come as no surprise then, that many start-ups in the Cleantech and Renewable Energy sector are financed by traditional Oil and Gas companies.

It is, however, also important to realize that it’ll take a while before the energy-transition is complete. That’s why there are a lot of companies that focus on reducing the risk that anything goes wrong in the Oil and Gas Industry in the meantime. From risk-management solutions to entire monitoring systems for drilling rigs and oil refineries.

Search X Recruitment follows the latest trends and developments in the Oil and Gas industry closely. Throughout the years we have served a number of different clients in this sector and built a valuable network of skilled professionals.

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