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“There’s nothing on TV, it’s just re-runs…” You rarely hear it these days. And with good reason. Because media-companies keep getting better at tailoring their offerings to the needs of the consumer. Almost everything is ‘live’, ‘streaming’, or ‘on-demand’ nowadays. And the rise of all these new media requires a new type of professional.

The time we spend online a day increases every year and the number of media-services is growing exponentially. Already, almost 80% of Dutch people use at least one or more streaming-services. Business is booming. Everything, everywhere, at any time, at the click of a button. But who’s building all these wonderful things? Who sells them? Who knows exactly what the user, viewer, reader, or player wants?

Working in media means always being up-to-date. The competition is killing and the consumer often elusive. That’s why new trends need to be followed, new technologies explored, and new insights gained. It should come as no surprise that the media professional of tomorrow is a digital do-it-all. Creative people who see connections, recognize opportunities, and never shy away from a challenge.

Search X Recruitment follows the latest trends and developments in the Media and Television industry closely. Throughout the years we have served a number of different clients in this sector and built a valuable network of skilled professionals.

Our clients in the Media and Television industry
Blendle, DPG Media, Sanoma, Ex-Machina Group

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