Technical Co-founder NodeJS

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
45.000  -  65.000

Need some home healthcare assistance? Don’t you worry this company got you covered. They are revolutionizing the healthcare market with the Takeaway for home healthcare! Book the right healthcare whenever you need it, that’s the idea. Are you going to jump on board as the technical Co-founder?

Tell me more..

This company is as the Takeaway company but then for home healthcare. If people need home healthcare assistance, for example, to be washed, they can just go the platform and book it. It’s that easy. As this company is still in its founding phase, they are looking for a co-founder who will be responsible for the whole technical department and development. Yes, you read it right, you might become the Co-founder of this innovative start-up in the center of Amsterdam!

Interesting! What do I have to bring?

You will build the first version of the platform. To build this amazing platform you will use Node.js, together with Express, Typescript, and Firebase. Because you will be Co-founder entrepreneurial blood is important as are great ideas to improve the concept. Do you want to bring in your own technologies, that is also fine.

Furthermore, you are working to improve the home healthcare service, it should therefore also be a passion of you to help people in their lives. But the most important is that you enjoy working on this project even though there might be blood, sweat, and tears involved. Do you have experience in Node.js and the will to become a technical co-founder? Please read on.

Great! But what do I get back from it?

Besides having the great opportunity to become a Co-founder in this start-up you will also receive a very nice salary of up to €5.000, – a month. As you are co-founder you will also receive shares that as you know, if you are doing a great job the value of the shares will go up. Are you ready to become Co-founder to help people in need of easy access to home healthcare? Don’t wait and apply now!

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