Senior IT Project manager

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  70.000

It’s the 21st century and the digital transformation is well underway. Unfortunately, some industries are falling behind. Especially the hospitality industry. Luckily, there’s one company looking to change that. And they need your help to do it.

Sounds cool, tell me more

If there’s one industry that’s ripe for disruption, it’s the hospitality industry. While pretty much everything we know has been drastically changed by new technology, most hotels are still the same. But not for much longer. This company has developed a unique platform to not only automate a lot of the processes going on in hotels but also seriously improve the guest experience. From Check-in to Check-out, nothing stays the same.

So, where do I come in?

They need your help to make sure they deliver on their promise. Their clients aren’t quite as tech-savvy as they are, nor do their developers know all the ins-and-outs of the hospitality industry. You’ll be there to bridge the gap. By working closely with the developers and getting to truly know the product, you’ll be able to properly advise and support clients in transforming their business. And in doing so, you’ll learn to better understand their business and how to guide the developers in improving the product even further.

Sounds great but am I up to the task?

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or something closely related, I’d say you’re already halfway there. Of course, relevant experience in a technical project management or software delivery role is also very welcome. Pretty much anything that seems relevant to this position, like experience in software development for example, or even just a year of working at a hotel. What’s most important though, is a passion for creating order out of chaos and the desire to have a global impact.

And the pay?

That depends on what you bring to the table of course, but you’ll start with a salary between €50.000 and €70.000 gross a year. On top of that, there’s everything else. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Flexible working, Massages at the office, Daily healthy and extensive ‘family’ lunch, wear what you are, room for personal development, and all the other good stuff. Coming from abroad? You’ll even have the opportunity to join free in-house Dutch lessons. So, what are you still waiting for? Click Apply and we’ll talk soon!

IT Manager Offshore

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
70.000  -  90.000

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50.000  -  80.000

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Den Haag, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  80.000
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