Senior Business Developer Solar

Den Haag, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
70.000  -  90.000

The future is sustainable. The future is Solar. It's clean, it's cheap, and it's sustainable. Companies, investors and individuals are transferring into solar energy. We need your to help to develop the business.

Tell me more…

The time to act is now, luckily most of us already realized this and made the necessary changes in our lives. We drive electric, we recycle and we use as much sustainable products as we can. On a small scale this is great, but is is nothing compared to the large energy transition that awaits.

This company is set to change the way we live, all of us. They are a major player in the field of the renewable energies and its commitment to control global warming, its purpose is to develop PV power plants in favor of industrial and commercial customers worldwide.

What do they need?

The transition to renewable energy won't stop for anyone or anything. Even during this Corona Crisis, solar plants are being built throughout the world. To map the demand and guide this extensive process we need an experienced Business Developer that knows how to tackle any problems along the way. Simply said, we need someone like you.

That does sound like me, but what will I really be doing?

As Senior Business Developer Solar you will be leading the projects in all phases of project development, coordinating stakeholders, closing exclusivity deals with co-development partners, building long-term relationships and supporting the closing of transactions with strategic and large companies. To make this happen you will need knowledge of the Dutch legislation, a full understanding of the SDE++ and subsidies schemes and the solar development market must have no secrets for you.

Cool challenge, but what's in it for me?

Of course you will be rewarded generously. To start of, you will receive a base salary between 5400,- and 6950,- gross per month. Secondly you will get excellent secondary benefits including a lease car. A challenging position with room for own initiative and responsibility at one of the key players in the world concerning renewable energy. You'll have career opportunities to expand beyond this role. And last, but not least, you will have the opportunity to create a better future. So what are you waiting for? Hit that apply button!

Project Engineer Solar

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
45.000  -  60.000

Projectleider Elektro

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
40.000  -  60.000

Sales Trader

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  100.000
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