Sales Representative

Brussels, Belgium
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  70.000

Drones. You can’t get enough of them. You’ve already spent thousands of euro’s, pounds or pesos on them and it’s time you start making some of that money back. Ideally, in a job where you can combine your passion for flying with your deal-closing skills. Look no further, it’s time for take-off.

Tell me more…

The people who still think drones are nothing more than toys or gadgets have clearly been living under a rock. Whether it’s event-planning, civil engineering or something as simple installing solar panels – Drones make it possible. From high-res pictures to detailed 3D measurements and digital models. Even inventory management is made easier. All that’s needed is a drone and a pilot.

This revolutionary start-up company is looking to make the power of drones, accessible to everyone. Worldwide. Using their unique platform, clients can easily select the areas they want surveyed, get an automated quote, and with the click of a button, send a drone flying. From industrial giants to solar energy start-ups, the sky is the limit.

Sounds great, what can I do?

As Sales Representative, you will be the CEO’s right hand. You’ll help him shape the company’s sales strategy and close new deals. By using e-mail, phone or social media, you generate qualified leads and pass them on to the CEO, who also acts as account executive.

Awesome, but are you sure I have what it takes?

Of course, you do. With your sales experience, your level of energy, your exceptional communication skills and your passion for pretty much everything that flies, what more could we ask for? Well ok, maybe a second or third language would be useful. Since most of your work has an international focus, the more languages you speak, the better.

That’s me, but I don’t work for free

Nor should you. Your hard work is what’s going to take this company from start-up to unicorn, so you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it. You’ll start with a base salary up to €5000,- gross a month and you’ll receive excellent secondary benefits. Not to mention all the cool events you’ll go to and awesome gadgets that you’ll get to play with. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Sales Consultant HR

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
75.000  -  92.500

Accountmanager Drone Flights

Brussels, Belgium
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  70.000

Business Developer Solar

Den Haag, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
55.000  -  70.000
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