.NET Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
45.000  -  60.000
IT Consultancy

From A to Z doing every process for a client. Is this what you have been looking for? Then you are the software engineer they need!

Tell me more..

This company is different than other consultancy companies. Instead of just working from client to client and doing every week the same job, they do it differently. What you will do is by starting with thinking about a strategy to launching the product to always updating and optimizing it. By doing this not a week is the same and the most important is that you are building long-life relationships with the clients. I’m sure you are thinking about what kind of clients do I have to think about. Well great question, most of their clients are large financial companies.

Interesting! What do I have to bring?

You will create platforms for financial institutions regarding money matters and insurance. Therefore, privacy, data security, and very strict government rules are very important to keep in
mind all the time. However, you will not do this all by yourself you will work together with a team and this team will also include the digital experts of the client you are working for. Don’t you worry your input as the software engineer will be very important?

You will work with .NET and Azure. You should be willing to learn to React if you do not possess this skill. But the most important is that you like to communicate with people and that you are always open to learning new techniques.

Great! But what do I get back from it?

Besides having the great opportunity to become a software engineer at this awesome company you will also receive a very nice salary up to €4.500, – a month. A nice extra at this company besides working in the great city of Amsterdam is that you will receive a train card to travel in 1 st class. Are you ready to become a software engineer helping financial institutions? Don’t wait and apply now!

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