Mobile Application Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
45.000  -  65.000

Managing your hotel from a centrally organized service system, with a complete overview of every aspect of the hotel and its guests. It sounds like a dream, but it is the reality now. Will you make this very efficient technique even more perfect?

Tell me more…

In hotels, many systems are operating apart from each other. The check-ins are isolated from the restaurant, and the staff is a whole new section. That must be a pain in managing, keeping the overview of all those different sections with their different systems. But this company found the solution. It has made one platform to see, manage and operate from, without any connecting issues. Just take your device and have a complete summary of everything that happens in the hotel. But there’s more. Customers can now as well benefit from the system, with their own tablet in the room where they can save their preferences. Improving for the best stay and the best management.

Sounds nice! What can I do?

As a Mobile Application Developer, you are in charge of the design, implementation, and maintenance of the mobile apps. Software is one of the core elements of the company, thus it has to be high quality. You also provide technical support when customer service doesn’t know what to do. In addition, you develop systems and their architecture to improve the design and functions of the hybrid mobile apps.

That’s what I like! But can I do it?

With your 3 years of developing Hybrid React Native applications, you know how it works. For those tasks, you know how to work with Hybrid apps frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, or Flutter. Modern JS libraries are familiar to you and testing frameworks and writing automated tests isn’t new. And when you think about your development background in Agile/SCRUM environments, you know that this is really the thing for you.

It’s a match! What’s in it for me?

That depends on what you bring to the table of course, but you’ll start with a salary between €45.000 and €65.000 gross a year. On top of that, there’s everything else. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Flexible working, Massages at the office, Daily healthy and extensive ‘family’ lunch, wear what you are, room for personal development and all the other good stuff. Coming from abroad? You’ll even have the opportunity to join free in-house Dutch lessons. So, what are you still waiting for? Click Apply and we’ll talk soon!

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