Utrecht , The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
40.000  -  55.000

Getting from A to B is not what it used to be. Mobility has become easier, faster, cheaper, and even more sustainable. But there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Will you lead the way?

Tell me more…

As one of the countries’ largest leasing companies, this company is looking to lead the way when it comes to sustainable mobility. It might sound strange but to them, it’s not just about cars anymore. It’s about getting from A to B whenever and however you want, without losing sight of the environment.

Over the past few years, they’ve made a name for themselves in both the Business Lease and Private Lease markets, and now it’s time to bring the two together.

What do you need?

Bringing both sides of the business together through a new microservice architecture in a high-performance/high-availability environment based on modern cloud technologies including containerization with Docker and Kubernetes will require some skills.

In fact, it will require a team of very skilled people. Experienced PHP Developers working together in two-week sprints using some of the most modern technologies available to them to speed up the process. And of course, someone will have to lead them…

That could be me, but what would I need to bring?

That hero could be you. If you’ve read this far it probably is. So you already know what you’re going to need to succeed. You’ve got the necessary years of experience and you feel right at home in MS Server platform (2012 & up), on-premise & Azure, MS Azure Service Bus, MS SQL server (2014 & up). As our hero, you need to be familiar with Solarwinds, Redgate, Kibana, Kubernetes, .NET, and Powershell. It would be great if you are already familiar with the mobility market and you know what Scrum and being Agile means. But in the end, it’s about you. You wanting to take ownership of the platform that will drive one of the Netherlands’ fastest-growing leasing companies into the future.

That’s definitely me!

To make sure you know you’re appreciated they’ll start you off with a base salary between €40.000 and €55.000 gross a year and some excellent secondary benefits. Benefits also include access to any form of mobility you may desire and of course, the opportunity to take make your mark on the future of mobility. Click Apply to get moving!

Mendix Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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50.000  -  70.000

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