Lead Python Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
70.000  -  95.000

There’s this website. It’s pretty amazing. It’s so amazing that it’s been awarded website of the year. Not just once or twice, but more than 10 times in a row. And now it’s up to you to break it all down and build something even better. Easy, right?

Tell me more!

With their unique E-commerce offering, this company has taken the dutch market by storm and they’re looking to stay on top. They’ve spent the last 15 years building a community of millions of satisfied customers and now it’s time to take their platform to the next level. Of course, they’ve constantly updated their platform over the years to stay in line with modern technology standards but it’s time for a complete overhaul. A fresh start. A clean slate. A greenfield. That’s where you come in.

What do they need me to do?

Not much. All you have to do is lead a team of experienced Python developers in a complete redesign of the existing platform. How hard could that be? Of course, you will be backed up by the MT every step of the way but they’re also the ones you’ll be reporting to. Not to worry though. You’re all in it together and you’ll get a lot of freedom in deciding how to approach things. By talking to internal stakeholders you will always know where you can make the most impact and to realize it, you also have the support of the Front-end and DevOps teams. And since 70% of your work will still be hands-on development, there will plenty of time to get your hands dirty.

Sounds cool, what do I need to bring?

Some serious Python development skills to start with. We’re not looking for a specific number of years here, we’re looking for solid skills. That, of course, means we also expect you to feel right at home in Django and Flask and to have experience with DDD and TDD.

Now with your Python skills out of the way, it’s also worth talking about your leadership skills. Because this is the kind of position that puts you on the path to becoming CTO. There’s always room to learn but you need to have some experience in leading and coaching a development team. Preferably, one that already follows the latest DevOps practices.

That’s me but I don’t work for free…

Of course, you don’t. Which is why you’ll start with a base salary between € 70.000 and € 95.000,- gross a year. On top of that, you’ll receive a very competitive secondary package with pretty much anything you can imagine. The most exciting part of this opportunity has to be the fact that you’ll be rebuilding one of the most acclaimed e-commerce websites from the ground up in a completely greenfield project. Excited? Stop reading and click Apply!

Senior Python Developer

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
50.000  -  70.000

Senior Python Developer Renewable Energy

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
65.000  -  85.000

Freelance Python Developer Renewable Energy

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Freelance / Interim / Contractor
65  -  80
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