Data Engineer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
75.000  -  95.000

High performance, low latency, financial markets… You know where this is going right? Yup, trading. Business is booming right now and this company is looking to make the most of it. Which is where you come in.

You have my attention

The Netherlands has always been at the forefront of financial trading and this company is looking to keep it that way. As a High-Frequency trading firm, it breathes technology. For every trader on the floor, there are at least two developers. Make no mistake, IT is their core business. Because in such a highly competitive market, performance, reliability and data are key. Which is where you come in.

To speed up innovation and boost productivity throughout the company, a new team is being formed. And you could be a part of it. They are looking to hire the best professionals they can find for some of the most technically demanding projects they have. As a Data Engineer will be developing and extending in-house data toolkits based in Java, Kotlin and Python. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t spend plenty of time working directly with Traders. As a member of this A-team, you will get to see every part of the organization and look for ways to improve it.

Now you have my curiosity

Of course, you’ll need to bring the right set of tools to create and maintain data services. A solid background in Computer Science or a closely related field is crucial. Preferably even a Master’s degree. A few years of relevant experience developing in Java, Kotlin and Python will also definitely come in handy, though we’re mainly focused on the willingness and ability to learn. A deep understanding of Linux is always a good thing. Experience with releasing and running code in a container-based environment is required. Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is preferable. C++ development skills are considered a plus as well as some experience with operating big data platforms. As long as there is space in your toolbox, we can get you equipped.

So this trading thing, what does it pay?

Pretty damn well, to be honest. Starting with a base salary between €75.000 and €95.000 gross a year, excluding the secondary benefits. And those secondary benefits, are second to none. From a fully catered lunch every day and flexible working to a royal end of year bonus. You know I said speed was key? What are you waiting for? Click apply!

Manager Engineering

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
130.000  -  150.000
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