Android Developer Fintech

Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
70.000  -  80.000

Step by step, that’s the way to eliminate criminals from the financial market. But you can’t ask 43 security questions, do 10 fingerprint scans and add facial recognition to every single bank application or login. So how is it done without being a hassle? And where can you help as an Android Developer.

Good question, now tell me the answer..
Okay, fair enough. The answer is quite simple, you build the best KYC platform there is! Using an absurd amount of datapoints, multiple tiers and AI algorithms. All of this happens without the end user even knowing what’s actually going and without endless waiting. The smart software detects any anomalies, acts accordingly and alerts an actual human being when needed.

Wow, that sounds like stuff from the future
I know right?! Minority Report eat your heart out!
Okay but all kidding aside, this company is paving the way for the future and they need your help.

Cool, what can I do?
The current mobile team consists of 6 developers (3 iOS and 3 Android), our team lead, their QA Engineer and their PO. You will work as their 4th Android developer, and help them bring their SDK and native app(s) into complete sync!

You will continue to build a kickass SDK that will influence the lives of millions of users! Flawless on-boarding while opening a new bank account is what we brings their clients! Therefore, they need the following requirements.

You will have experience with building in SDK and SDK unit testing, improving customer satisfaction. Of course it would als be nice if you have some years of experience working with Kotlin and Android frameworks! And you are also a real team player.

That’s me! But what do they offer?
Of course you will be well rewarded for your hard work. With a base salary of up to €80.000,- gross. You will have the chance to work in a fast growing company, and in a stimulating environment. Learn from the best and achieve the best. You’ll also get enough days off to celebrate the results you’ve done and as a cherry on top: an office right next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam! What are you waiting for? Apply!

Android Developer Remote

Amsterdam , Netherlands
Fulltime employee

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
65.000  -  80.000

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Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
60.000  -  75.000
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