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From SEO and Adwords to Social Media Marketing, Automation and Display Advertising. The Digital world needs a new kind of Marketing professional. All-round All-stars. People that think in KPI’s, read data, write content, and speak the language of the business. Professionals that don’t just know how to reach your audience, but how to move them. Sadly, they’re scarce. Very scarce. Luckily, there’s Search X Recruitment. As a full-service Digital Recruitment Agency, we’ve specialized in finding and binding the best Online Marketing professionals. So you can keep growing.

Through our years of experience as a Digital Recruitment Agency we’ve built a large network of Online Marketing professionals, from Junior to Executive level, and always have the right candidate within reach. From SEO and SEA Specialists to Growth Hackers and Digital Strategists. We know better than most how important good marketing is for the growth of your business. And that growth has to be measured, quantified. Because traffic needs to convert. Generate hot leads. That’s why we don’t only focus on creative marketeers, but also the analytical data-driven talents that can give you insight into your customer journey. From Content Manager to Data Analyst, Search X Recruitment makes the match.

Quality over Quantity, honest and sincere. That has always been our starting point and is also exactly the reason we understand our target audience so well. Because it’s not just about reaching your audience, it’s about actually touching them. Moving them. That’s why we always stay on top of the latest developments in the market. That way, we can stay as close as possible to both our clients and our candidates. We know what is happening and understand what it takes to realize your goals. Because your growth is our work.

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