Focus on Executive Search

From productivity, development, and innovation to commercial success, it all starts at the top. So it’s important to have the right person in the driving seat. That’s why Search X Recruitment has specialized in finding and binding executives up to the highest level. Quick, discreet, and reliable.

In a market that’s changing faster every day, inspiring and strong leadership is the key to success. From the CTO who stimulates innovation to the Enterprise Architect creating order out of chaos. From the Sales Director cornering new markets to the CISO keeping attackers at bay. But not everyone is a born leader. That’s why Search X has specialized in Executive Search. Through our years of experience in recruiting and placing senior executives and our deep understanding of the market, we’re able to find the leaders of tomorrow, today.

We’re always in it for the long haul. We believe in long-lasting relationships. Therefore we do not only want to ensure our clients of the best operational professionals and tactical managers but also provide them with the right strategic leadership. That way, we help ensure your organization is prepared for the next challenge, whatever it may be. Whether it’s a Programme Director for a complex project, a Global IT Director to lead your digital transformation or a Country Manager to build a new sales organization. No challenge is too great.

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