Selecting a good and reliable recruitment partner is not an easy task. Quality, Reliability, Speed, and Costs are all important factors to consider. Of course, it makes sense. Because if you’re going to hire an external agency you want to make sure they deliver.

Recruitment costs money, whether through an internal recruiter or an external agency. But the cost of missed business opportunities by not filling crucial roles, can be even greater. And it’s precisely those roles that are so hard to fill. Partnering with a specialized recruitment agency like Search X Recruitment offers a solution. Depending on your needs and wishes Search X Recruitment offers a range of options. But what are you actually paying for?

  • At the start of every assignment we do an extensive company analysis and do a proper intake of the vacancy
  • Depending on the type of service you select we will create a market map of the number of potential candidates and your competition
  • We advertise the job advertisement on our company page and both generic and niche job boards. Besides this we use paid ads on a number of different (social) channels.
  • We find and approach potential candidates through a number of different databases and platforms
  • We approach candidates within our existing network. Over the past years we’ve interviewed over 8000 candidates.
  • Whenever we find a talent, we’ll schedule a proper intake. Either in our office, by phone or through skype. During this intake we get to know the candidate, discuss their resume, present the opportunity and the client, and together with the candidate we find out if it matches with their skills and ambitions.
  • If it’s a match, we’ll make an introduction to our client including a cv, motivation, availability and a salary indication. This is always done in agreements with the candidate and with their express permission. Is the client excited as well? Then we’ll schedule a first interview.
  • We gather references upon request.
  • We advise knowledge migrants and help candidates with relocation and housing.
  • Our recruiters have up-to-date knowledge about recruitment and the industries the focus on. Through our weekly knowledge sharing sessions we make sure we’re constantly learning.
  • Last but not least: Quality, is our priority. The average 5-star score on our Google-reviews are a clear example of this.


1. Retained
Retained recruitment is based on exclusivity. The fee for recruitment of the right candidate is 20% of the gross annual salary based on fulltime employment. We make a commitment to each other. This means we guarantee to fill the position for you. At the start of the assignment, a part of the fee is paid right away in the form of a retainer. This strengthens the commitment. The remaining fee is billed when the position has been successfully filled. The total cost of retained recruitment is lower than the cost of ‘We cure, you pay’.

  • Commitment, from both sides
  • Guarantee the position will be filled

2. We cure, you pay
A partnership based on ‘We cure, you pay’ (also known as ‘No cure no pay”) is less binding. The fee for recruiting the right candidate is 25% of the gross annual salary based on fulltime employment. You can choose this option when you’re working with multiple recruitment agencies for example. It doesn’t force a commitment. Of course, our goal is the same as ever, making sure we deliver the highest level of quality. It’s just that we’re a little more committed to our retained clients.

3. X=1
X=1 is a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee of 1% of the gross annual salary with the guarantee that we will fill the position for you. The total fee for recruitment of the right candidate is 36% of the gross annual salary based on fulltime employment, spread over a period of 36 months. Should the candidate leave the company within that time, we will find a suitable replacement free of cost.

  • No start-up costs or high one-off fee’s
  • Guarantee the position will be filled for at least 36 months from the start of the contract
  • Spread payments instead of a one-off high fee
  • Commitment, from both sides
  • Guarantee the position will be filled, and stay filled
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