Our core values

To be good at what you do, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Which is why we hold on to these core values:

1. Take one for the team
We’re a tight-knit team of friends. We’re straightforward, honest, opportunistic and loyal to each other. We support each other in our ambitions and always have each other’s back.

2. People really, really matter
Relationships are sacred. Whenever we do business we’re authentic, we have fun, and we’re stubborn but we’re always sincere. We follow our hearts without losing our heads. We keep our feet firmly on the ground. Honesty is key and beats commercialism every time.

3. If you snooze, you lose
Our radar is always on. Nothing gets past us. We always know exactly what’s going on with our candidates, our clients, and the market. This makes us innovative, authoritative and simply the best. Candidate placements are spot on because of this and both candidates and clients can feel it. We’ll go far to find the right match.

4. Thrill Seekers
We love the hustle and bustle and never say no to a challenge. The excitement keeps us on our toes. The harder the job, the more excited we are, the better the results. Out-of-the-box is where we live and we stay off the beaten path. Showing courage and standing out is in our DNA. It’s how we make impact.

5. To infinity and beyond
We want to win and we want to grow. We thrive on success and always give 100% to make target. Or better yet, surpass is. On our way to the top, we never lose sight of who we are: transparency and authenticity are leading. Always.

Are our core values in line with yours?

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