Cleantech is the collective name for technologies that contribute to a cleaner environment. This can be by generating green energy, by working more efficiently with raw materials, or by simply recycling waste in a clever way.

The term cleantech is used to describe products, processes, and services that are aimed at reducing or even reversing environmental damage but at the same time, they often enhance productivity and increase efficiency. So the use of cleantech solutions doesn’t just benefit the environment but in many cases also reduces operational costs.

Besides the more common forms of cleantech like solar, wind, and biomass energy, solutions like electric mobility and recycling are also part of the cleantech industry.

Search X Recruitment follows the latest trends and developments in the Cleantech industry closely. Throughout the years we have served a number of different clients in this industry and built a valuable network of skilled professionals.

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Ecorus, EVBox, AFPRO Filters, Everon, Senfal, Zola Electric

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